Gold Star Wives Giving Back

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Part of our mission is to bring awareness to the issues facing surviving military spouses and children. Additionally, we try to focus on the growing number of resources that are available to them. Although there is still much more work to do, many survivors, like our Chairman are finding there is healing in helping others.

CLICK HERE to Read the Article, "Here’s how 6 Gold Star wives found new purpose in their grief" featuring our Chairman, Jennifer Carazo.

Sugar Bear Spirit

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Some local children in Temecula ran a lemonade stand during Memorial Day and donated their funds to the Sugar Bear Foundation. We were so touched and could not help but think their actions resembled those of our hero and his desire to give back. What an awesome act of kindness!


Gunfighters Giving Back- May 24th


Thank you to these former Gunfighters for hosting an HMLA Happy Hour at the beautiful Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.  We are truly grateful and honored for their support of our work and mission.  We had a great time catching up with friends and remembering all those we've lost.

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser for us, please contact

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Upcoming Women's Forum with the MCRD Family Forever Program


We are currently working on a women's forum with our partners from the MCRD Family Forever Program. The forum will assist Gold Star spouses and women in the military community dealing with transition. Additionally, we are working with the Family Forever Program to support Gold Star spouses with back to school shopping for their children with a new gift card program. More details to come...

New River Joint Luncheon - May 2nd

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Our Chairman had a wonderful time serving as the guest speaker at the 2018 New River Joint Spouses Luncheon. This is an amazing group of military spouses who are focused on giving back to the military community. Our Chairman was honored to spend time with them sharing Sugar Bear's story, her experiences as a Gold Star wife and the work we are doing to support military surviving spouses and children. 

If you would like to have our Chairman speak at an event, click on the link for more information.