Ironman Raises Money for Sugar Bear Foundation

Mario's friend, Sean Mooney, is participating in an Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, Quebec and has chosen to raise funds for the Sugar Bear Foundation. Please help support him as he undertakes this amazing feat...

"Lieutenant Colonel Mario "Sugar Bear" Carazo was one of my first instructor pilots when I started flying for the Marine Corps back in 1996.  He became a squadron mate, friend and neighbor in 'base housing.'  Mario was shot down in Afghanistan on July 22, 2010 while supporting Marines in combat on the ground.  

His wife Jennifer Carazo started the Sugar Bear Foundation, and their mission statement reads as follows: "The mission of the foundation is to support the surviving spouses and children of fallen United States military personnel by providing assistance to support programs which meet their immediate and ongoing needs and foster their personal, emotional and social well-being."

This is a fantastic charity which is important to me and many of my friends.  As I endeavor to complete my first Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, I do it in honor of Sugar Bear, the Foundation and to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation and their families.  We cannot forget these national treasures.

Every dollar donated to this Ironman ('Your Journey Your Cause') site will go directly to the Sugar Bear Foundation.  Please check out their website below and please help support this awesome foundation.

Thank you all!


CLICK HERE for Sean's Fundraising Page for the Sugar Bear Foundation